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Minor Ailments

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Minor ailments

The minor ailment scheme is an NHS service that allows the pharmacy to supply advice and medication where appropriate by the pharmacy for a group of minor conditions. The service is free of charge for eligible patients. The pharmacy team will ask you a few questions to establish if you qualify for this service.
The aim of the service is to provide treatments for minor conditions without the need to see your GP or A&E. You don’t require an appointment for this service. You are required to be registered with a local GP in the same area as the pharmacy. If you are using this service for the first time, we will need to register you which can take 10-15 minutes. The pharmacist will ask a have a short consultation with you to establish the best course of treatment for you and to give you advice. In more serious cases, the pharmacist might refer you to the GP or the A&E as appropriate.
Local GP surgeries or NHS 111 might also refer you to the pharmacy for this service. This service aims to increase the utilisation of community pharmacist skills by providing self-care through the pharmacy. It also increases patient choice, convenience and access to treatment for minor ailments that do not require consultation with a doctor.
If you or someone you look after requires this service, please inquire at the pharmacy for the minor ailment scheme.